New Semi Private Training for Generation X clients at South Naperville Strength starts February 5th

Welcome to South Naperville Strength!

If you were born 1965 and 1979 you are in the right spot! As you age, your fitness needs have evolved and we have designed this program specifically for you. You dont move as well as you used to, but you still want to push yourself, you still want to work hard, and you want results. You know that if you jump into some crazy exercise program, you will end up sidelined before you get started. Here at South Naperville Strength, we have perfected the process to get you started, with a group of people your same age, with your same goals. We will guide you every step of the way.


Its time to focus on you. Let us guide you to the best body you have had since college. We will take you step by step, ensuring your progress and results every step of the way. Move well and hurt less. Have more energy. Feel strong and confident. And of course, Look 20 years younger.


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