Member of the Month, February 2018

February, 2018 Member of the Month: Tamara Taylor

How did you get started in CrossFit?

Well, how I came to CFR… I was ending a 6 week challenge and needed to hop in somewhere so I didn’t stop my momentum. Then that was when I really got into crossfit!! I needed to be somewhere that I can let loose and be free. Most people wouldn’t know now, but I had almost extreme anxiety going into gyms. Like, it was really bad. It just felt like people were judging me for being there trying to fix my problem, which in turn, made it worse. NOW!!!!! I give no cares!! Thanks to everyone here at CFR for allowing me to feel like family so fast!! That’s the biggest reason why I stayed is because of how warm everyone is!!

What are your favorite movements to do during a wod?

My favorite movements are anything that requires me to lift!!! Hahaha! The heavier the better, as long as my form is correct. Non-lifting movements would have to be Wall Balls or Box Jumps, and Double Unders!!

What do you love best about CrossFit?

The best part of Crossfit is the fact that I am always revolving! If you stay complacent then you’re not getting better, you’re not improving. With crossfit is pretty much programmed for that!!

When you’re not in the gym busting your butt, what is your favorite things to do?

In the summer, if I had to choose, I would play beach volleyball all day!! Then shower and go to the drive in movie theater!!! My next car will be a truck so I can let the back up and make a bed in the back for the movies!!!

Tell us something that most people don’t know about yourself?

I don’t know…. I am super open just about everything! Hahahaha 1 thing, that’s not super cool, is that I almost taught myself how to do a front flip in my Godparent’ s backyard! Hahahaha