CrossFit Resurgence, Resurgence Strength North – In-Person WOD

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500 M row (1time)


3 rounds

10 SEAL Jacks

10 Air squats

10 4 count mountain climbers

20 reverse lunges


Back Squat (Week 3)

1 Full Squat Snatch or Squat Clean (You choose)

Rest about 30sec. and immediately go into the squat numbers below:

Set 1.) 5 Reps at 75% of 1RM

Set 2.) 3 Reps at 85% of 1RM

Set 3.) Attempt a NEW 1RM!

Rest 2-3min. Between Supersets.


Metcon (Time)

Every 2min. until you finish….

15/12 Cal Row

Max Wall Balls + Toes-To-Bar

*Workout ends when you accumulate 100 Wall Balls and 100 Toes-To-Bar.
*You may choose any rep scheme you like for the wall balls and toes-to-bar.

Strategy is going to be kind of a big deal today 🙂 Personally. I like the sound of 5 Wall Balls and 5 Toes-To-Bar for 20 rounds. If you know you can hang onto the bar for sets of 10 on toes-to-bar each round, then maybe 10 rounds of 10 and 10 would be fastest for you.

Looking forward to seeing what people choose 🙂

Men’s Weight: 20lb. Wall Ball

Women’s Weight: 14lb. Wall Ball

Time CAP: 20min.

*MANY of you will NOT finish.