CrossFit Resurgence, Resurgence Strength North – In-Person WOD

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250 single jump ropes


3 rounds of

10 scap pull ups

20 walking lunges

30 jumping jacks

Metcon (Time)

“Cardio Wednesday!”

35min. To Get As Far As Possible…

Run 200m

4 Rounds of “Chalk”

Row 200m

4 Rounds of “Chalk”

Run 400m

3 Rounds of “Chalk”

Row 400m

3 Rounds of “Chalk”

Run 600m

2 Rounds of “Chalk”

Row 600m

2 Rounds of “Chalk”

Run 800m

1 Round of “Chalk”

Row 800m

1 Round of “Chalk”
I pulled this one from Friday’s Sweat Program! It was just too appropriate for Cardio Wednesday 🙂

Pay attention the rep scheme here. The run and rows start on the low end and get farther as you progress. The round of “chalk” starts at 4 rounds and slowly chips away to 1 at the end.

I do think a few of you can actually finish this, but it is going to be a close call. Let’s see what ya got 😉

A round of “Chalk” is:

5 Pull-Ups

10 Push-Ups

20 Double Unders