CrossFit Resurgence, Resurgence Strength North – In-Person WOD

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3 rounds

15 cal on AA bike

10 shoulder scap pull ups

10 scap push ups

100 single unders



3 Supersets:

10-12 Incline DB Bench Press

10-12 Incline DB Seal Rows

Rest 2min. Repeat For 3 Total Working Sets.
After the DB Incline Bench, the Seal Row looks like this:

DB Incline Bench Press (3 x 12)

Incline Seal Rows (3 x 12 )


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

3min. of Double Unders

3min. of Pull-Ups

1min. of Assault Bike

3min. Rest

2min. of Double Unders

2min. of Pull-Ups

1min. of Assault Bike

2min. Rest

1min. of Double Unders

1min. of Pull-Ups

1min. of Assault Bike

Every section is for MAX possible reps.

A key component today is going as hard as possible on the assault-bike! That is why I left that section at only 1min. So please try and crush that section!

*If you have the ability, please do strict pull-ups. You may also switch back and forth between regular pull-ups and chin-ups.

*RX+ is muscle-ups